Monday, April 7, 2014

Sunny and 55...

Dare I say...spring is here?!?!  Me and the girls (Hal & Lil) took advantage today by playing out on the balcony.  Those two nuggets love to play AND fight.  Like regular sisters, right?  Everything will be fine and dandy and then suddenly they are at each other, biting and punching.  No one gets hurt, of course ;)  Usually they are fighting over a toy.  But if I try to scold either one of them suddenly it's them against the world.  "Don't scold my sissy!"  Regardless of the sibling bickering, it was lovely to be outside and to realize that for the first time in a long time the forecast is looking up!
Yes, Lilly is looking more like a grizzly than a schnauzer.  A nail trimming is needed!
Trying to take a "selfie" with an SLR camera while snuggling is a little tricky.  At least I captured my little sweetie resting her head on my shoulder.  xoxo

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