Friday, April 25, 2014

Let's talk about chicks, man

We're at it again...Coop de Jensen part deux!  Since selling our house in November, we have been without our backyard chickens {and our backyard eggs}.  Now that we are nearing completion of our new house we are ready to have both back again!  We decided to raise the hens from chicks this time instead of buying already laying adult hens.  This way they will be well acclimated to us and more like pets than livestock.  I researched different types of laying hens and picked out five different breeds that would give a nice variety of egg colors:

1.  White Wyandotte
2.  Speckled Sussex
3.  Rhode Island Red
4.  Silkie
5.  Easter Egger
6.  Easter Egger

The whole family is already in love and working on picking out names.  Hal calls them "my chickens."  Next on the to-do list is for Cory to build them a coop, and then we can expect eggs in about 3 months!


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