Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hal's Garden - Part 1

This beautiful spring weather has me in the mood to grow something!  When we lived out on the acreage, Cory always had a huge garden.  So big that it intimidated and overwhelmed me and I wasn't really involved in it.  But now that we are going to be living in a house with a smaller, manageable neighborhood lot, I am really excited to have a small container garden.  My sweet Grandma Fan was the most amazing green thumb I have ever known.  I didn't really get that from her.  I have always enjoyed landscaping, but not so much gardening.  Maybe that will all change this year :)  I have been looking on Pinterest for inspiration and love this one, this one and especially this one (maybe with a bright color painted on half of each cinder block like this).  

Hallie and I got this cool Burpee greenhouse at Target, along with some Seeds of Change organic seeds.  We're starting with bell peppers, cucumbers (gonna make our own pickles this year!), mesclun greens mix, cilantro and basil.  We still need to find some heirloom tomato, dill and sage.

Even though we're in the apartment right now, we still took the liberty to get a little messy.  Hal was pretty into the project for about 10 minutes and then left me to finish it up while she played with Lilly.  It was fun getting our hands dirty :)  Our next update should hopefully be in a few weeks with little green sprouts popping up!  Until then...

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