Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pregnancy Photo Journal: Hallie Joy Jensen

I was inspired to write this blog by my friend/cousin-in-law Alissa.  What better way to remember the bliss that was my first pregnancy than with a photo recap :)  

A few details first...Cory and I were married 14 years before we decided we were "ready" (hahahahahahahaha) to have children.  I think most people in our lives figured we couldn't have kids or just didn't want to.  In reality, we were really young when we got married (19 and 22) and we just wanted as much time the two of us as possible before we embarked on parenthood (best decision EVER!).  I was three months out from having my thyroid removed when we started trying.  So, we were both surprised when we quickly received a positive result.  Cory's exact words when I showed him the positive test were, "huh, that was fast."  He was happy of course, but I don't think it really dawned on him that it was "real" until our 20 week ultrasound when he saw our little peanut moving and grooving in my tummy.  And once I started showing, he couldn't keep his hands off my belly :)  Never has a man made a woman feel more beautiful while prego than Cory did for me.  I heard "you are so cute" about 20 times a day.  

We decided not to find out the sex of the baby, which led to more fun and anticipation.  From early on, I was sure Baby J was a girl.  And as soon as I found out that the baby my best friend/sister-in-law Carla was expecting two months before me was also a girl, I was CERTAIN.  God knows what He's doing, after all :)  Pretty much everyone else thought the baby was a boy.  Well, we know how that all turned out.  I was right! are the photos of my pregnancy with the precious HALLIE JOY JENSEN.  Enjoy xoxo


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