Friday, February 8, 2013


Once again, enjoy the photo recap of our week...

Taking a ride in the laundry basket

Saturday play date with Lia and Rose!  We had a great time sippin' wine and trying to plan our camping trip while wrangling the girls :)

My momma with Stef and the newest grandbaby, Liam, at his older brother Landon's 3rd birthday party.

My brother Josh and his son, Liam...matching blue eyes.

A meeting of the youngest minds in our family

Not a great quality picture, but I just love how happy my dad and Hallie look.  After she warms up to him, Grandpa always seems to make her giggle

 "Reading" the Very Hungry Catapillar.  I didn't bother pointing out to her that it was upside down :)

Eating snacks off the ground

Hal didn't appreciate being left out of Kate's photo shoot

All was forgiven when they got to take a bath in the big jacuzzi

Very attached to her Rudolph still

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