Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day from Hallie! {Paint Splash}

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY from the Jensen household!  This is Hal's first Valentine's Day, so we had to do it up big!  I got the idea to do a paint splash photo shoot to commemorate it.  My good friend Lia, of Lia Larson Photography had the same idea {something that seems to happen to us all the time these days :)} and I can't wait to see how her photos turned out!  I purchased an inexpensive canvas from Hobby Lobby along with some non-toxic finger paint and a roll of vinyl wall decal material.  I cut out a heart shape and stuck it to the canvas and then put dollops of pink, orange and red paints on the canvas.  Then I let Hallie do her thing.  Obviously, she was more interested in "tasting" the paint than actually painting with it.  But I think she had fun.  The painting turned out a great orangey-coral color, which works perfect in her nursery.  

Enjoy the photos and cherish your loved ones this Valentine's Day!  We're headed to the Children's Museum with Carla, Kate and Clete and then home for our Valentine's fondue with Daddy :)

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