Friday, January 16, 2015

Bright, modern & colorful gallery wall

In our last house, I put together a somewhat formal gallery wall above our stairway.  I loved it and it definitely fit the look of that house.  But our new house is much smaller, less formal and more modern, so I wanted to do something different (plus, the new owners of our old house liked the gallery wall so much that they bought it from us).  This new gallery wall has somewhat of a "scrapbook" feel which I really like and is full of bright pops of color - much like our new house.  Once again, I relied on Target and Hobby Lobby as my primary sources for frames and objects :)  I hope you enjoy this one as much as the last one (which was pinned several thousand times)!  Once again, source list is at the bottom of this page AND you can grab the pin here.


Wall color - Sherwin Williams Light French Gray (SW 0055)

Green and blue multicolored frame - Target (discontinued)

Large white frames with white mat - Target (photo by Lia Larson)

Turquoise frame - Target (discontinued)

Silver "J" - Sugarbakers (store is now closed)

Best Day Ever canvas -  Target (currently availble in store only)

3 pack of gold dipped Sea Urchins - Target (also available in store)

Abstract painting - DIY by Hallie for Cory last father's day :)

Silver "C" and "N" - Garden Ridge

Ampersand - ???

Humingbird plate - Anthropologie (got it in store on clearance Dec. 2014)

White leaf frame - Target (discontinued)

Believe in the beauty of your dreams framed print - Target (in store only)

Gold "J" - Hobby Lobby (in store only)

We're So canvas - Hobby Lobby (in store only)

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