Monday, February 16, 2015

Belated Christmas Morning 2014 Recap :)

Welp, we just celebrated Valentine's Day 2015, so I feel as though it's an appropriate time to put up my Christmas 2014 recap ;)  

We spent a relaxing morning at home...Hallie slept until 9:30 (we had to wake her up!!!) while Cory and I filled her stocking, made breakfast and enjoyed strawberry grapefruit mimosas.  Hallie asked Santa for princesses, a magic wand and Hello Kitty.  We feel like Santa came through pretty well.  He probably felt obligated since this year Hallie was actually a fan.  As opposed to the last two years when she screamed at the sight of him.  Hallie visited Santa twice this year - once at a private party and once at the Omaha Children's Museum.  Both times she was excited to see him and the second time she told him she loved him.

I set my camera on auto mode so I could just snap away and enjoy the moment instead of nitpicking eat shot...relaxing :)

Enjoy the video and pictures!!! 

Tree trimmed and stocking stuffed
Lilly waiting for Sissy to wake up so the fun can start
Still snoozing at 9:30 am!!!
Magic wand as requested!!!!
Hello Kitty as requested
More HK paraphernalia
Stamp set for our little crafter

Opening her big present from Mommy and Daddy
7 Disney princesses!!! *Please note that at the time this blog was posted, Lilly had already dismembered and destroyed ALL the princesses...grrr.
Keeping with our Christmas morning breakfast tradition - French toast Rudolph :)