Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Family Funday

It was a balmy 18 degrees in Omaha this evening, and wicked windy to boot.  So, the Jensen clan (minus Finnley, because he was like "it's only 18 degrees out y'all...that's crazy!") headed down to Midtown Crossing to look at the Christmas lights and have some dinner.  We snagged a covered parking spot in the free parking garage - something I didn't fully appreciate about Midtown Crossing until this chilly time of year - and then decided on the Black Oak Grill for dinner.  The restaurant has only been open about a week, but we've eaten at most of the other restaurants down there and thought it would be fun to try something new.  I loved everything about it!  The atmosphere was cozy and warm and semi-upscale, but we felt completely comfortable in our jeans.  The menu isn't huge, but had a good variety and the prices were super reasonable ($8 - $15 for a dinner entree). We got barbeque chicken nachos for an appetizer, but I think they mixed up our order, because there was neither bbq sauce nor chicken on them :)  They were delicious anyway.  Hallie got the baked potato soup and she said it was nummy.  Okay, I'll be honest...I ate some of it.  It was nummy.  Cory got the chicken fried chicken with garlic mashed potatoes and broccoli and I got a cheeseburger with fries.  Both were really well put together and very flavorful.  My cheeseburger came on a fresh brioche bun which they have delivered daily from a local bakery.  Awesome.  But, the very best part of the meal was the fresh baked bread with handmade cinnamon honey butter.  Soooooaaaamazing!  Helpful tip: our waitress clued us in that they never offer seconds on the bread, but if you are bold enough to ask, they are happy to oblige.  Cheers!

  Mandatory family photo in front of the giant Christmas tree ;)

 Enjoying the lights and snuggling with Daddy to stay warm

 Belly full of baked potato soup

 You've been warned!

Ciao for now

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