Saturday, December 8, 2012

HO, HO, HO...NO.

We decided to take Hal to see Santa for the first time today.  Our small town was having a Christmas festival and it seemed like the perfect, low-key opportunity to meet Mr. Claus.  Anyone who has met Hallie knows she is just about the most laid-back, happy baby that has ever lived.  Nothing much seems to bother her.  For example, prior to meeting Santa, we stopped and met Aunt Kama for a glass of wine.  Hal sat there while us gals chatted and didn't fuss or really make a peep the whole time.  And she's only cried once when someone other than me or Dad wanted to hold her.  So, you can understand why I figured Santa would be her new best friend.  Wrong.  We walked into the local fire station and Cory handed her over to Santa.  She looked a little bewildered at first...

Then she turned around and realized it wasn't Dad holding her...

Little miss happy-go-lucky disappeared :(  Despite her reaction, it was so fun to see her experience Santa for the first time!  We decided we might try one more time with the mall Santa to see if it was just a fluke or if she's really not a fan. 

When we got home (and after a nice long nap) we decided to make some cookies for Dad.  We tried this recipe for Whopper cookies from Shugary Sweets.  Hal was a super big help ;)  She really seemed to like being a part of the baking action.

Ciao for now

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