Friday, March 22, 2013


Sorry it's been awhile :)  Here's a photo recap of our week...

Hallie loves to stand at the window in the dining room and watch Finn when he's outside

Grandma and Kate came out on Monday and those two girls CANNOT get enough of Grandma!  When she's around nobody else matters

Just enjoying the sunpatch in the empty dining room 

Walking around with blocks in her mouth is the latest craze

Hal and Daddy love to walk around the house and point out all the different people in the picture frames

After bath smooches with Mommy

Hal gained access to the laundry room (the door is usually closed) and was excited to discover my Chuck's.  She has a bit of a shoe obsession already...uh oh

We try to "facetime" Daddy on our iPhones every day, so every time I take out my phone Hallie starts saying "Dadda."  That is what she is saying in this picture :)

Hallie is officially a "walker."  No more crawling for our little nugget.  I love the look of determination on her face in this picture.  I've seen that same look on her dad's face several times :)


Turning ONE in less than two weeks!  Such a beauty 

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