Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DIY Pantry Organization

My favorite room in my house is my pantry.  Yes, my pantry.  When Cory built our house five years ago, I made a lot of changes to the plans...especially the pantry.  And of course, Cory made it turn out even better than I could picture in my head or draw on paper.  However, I have been neglecting my beautiful pantry as of late.  

Life is busy, and it doesn't allow me to be as OCD about things as I would like to be.  I was looking for crushed red pepper in my pantry a few weeks ago while preparing dinner, and I COULDN'T FIND IT!  In fact, I couldn't find anything.  Well, that's not true.  I did find an open bag of popped popcorn...WHAT?  That was enough to finally inspire me to ORGANIZE it. 

And one more before shot...

So, I hopped on Etsy and Pinterest to get some ideas.  I already had the clear plastic OXO Good Grips storage containers for my baking supplies and the open plastic bins from Target for everything else.  But I needed a labeling system.  I found these cute vinyl chalkboard decals on Etsy.  And the liquid chalk pen on Amazon.

The vinyl decals actually came all the way from Isreal (huh?) so they didn't get here until today.  So, as soon as I got my hands on them the organizing began!  I took EVERYTHING out of the pantry and washed all the shelves.  Then I took everything out of the Target bins and washed those too.  Then I organized the bins in a way that made sense to me, labeled them and put everything back.  Oh, and I did find the crushed red pepper.  Hooray!  

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